Celebrate Women’s Work

Today is International Women’s Day. Today, we commemorate the work that women do and bring awareness that needs to be done for gender equality. The theme this year is Make It Happen. It is a call for more than awareness. It is a demand for action. It is no longer enough to simply be aware that there is inequality facing women everywhere. The time has come to make gender equality a reality. We still live in a world where women make 70 cents for every male dollar. We still live in a world where little girls are not able to receive something as basic as an education. We still live in a world where female artists are not given the opportunities and recognition that they deserve.  We still live in a world where women in the workforce are made inferior for bringing life into this world. Finally, we still live in a world where women who are victims of violent crimes are made to feel embarrassed for their experiences. We should be ashamed. If not for the successes of women, this world would not be what it is today. Women have made some of the most enormous strides known to man economically, politically, and socially. Time and again, it is women who have picked up the mantle when men were either unwilling or unable to. It is for this reason that humanity must do all it can to ensure that gender equality becomes a reality. This International Women’ Day, I urge you to #MakeItHappen

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  1. Maya Angelou

    “I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.”

    The great and late Maya Angelou graced us not only with her words, but also her vivacity in every aspect of life, including as a civil rights activist.

    (Walter 3/8/15)

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